CALVARY BAPTIST KINDERGARTEN is committed to nurture every child through a holistic education and interactive learning within a stimulating environment that fosters character-building and academic excellence. 


Calvary Baptist Kindergarten believes that:

  1. Every child is a unique and special individual made by God. We will help each child to achieve his/her potential by providing a safe, loving and stimulating learning environment.

  2. Every child deserves a good foundation in preparation for primary education. We adopt professional teaching and learning practices to impart knowledge and skills and interactive play activities.​

  3. Every child learns best in an engaging environment. We desire that our students have fun and enthusiasm as they engage in learning and play, and develop a love for reading. We encourage our students to imagine, explore, experiment and discover experiences and successes in through learning and interaction with their teachers and fellow students.

  4. The family plays a vital role in positive childhood development. We encourage, engage and value the partnership of parents in specific activities to strengthen bonding relationships



Calvary Baptist Kindergarten

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