Desired Outcomes of Our Curriculum​

Using the guidelines provided by ECDA, by the end of their education in CBK, children should:

  • Know what is right and what is wrong

  • Be willing to share and take turns with others

  • Be able to relate to others

  • Be curious and able to explore

  • Be able to listen and speak with understanding

  • Be comfortable and happy with themselves

  • Have developed physical co-ordination and healthy habits

  • Love their families, friends, teachers and school

We believe that children are curious, active and competent learners, and we seek to provide a strong start for every child based on the Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) curriculum developed by MOE.

Our Curriculum

An Integrated Thematic Approach to Learning

CBK believes that children are curious, active and competent learners, and adopts an Integrated Thematic Approach to learning based on the 6 principles of a quality Kindergarten curriculum. These are:

  1. Integrated approach to learning

  2. Teachers as facilitators of learning

  3. Engaging children in learning through purposeful play

  4. Authentic learning through quality interactions

  5. Children as constructors of knowledge

  6. Holistic development

The curriculum at CBK is bilingual, English and Chinese, through:


  1. Aesthetics and Creative Expression

  2. Discovery of the World

  3. Language and Literacy

  4. Motor Skills Development

  5. Numeracy

  6. Social and Emotional Development

To support and promote children’s learning and holistic development, CBK also reinforces knowledge, skills and dispositions that can be encapsulated in the acronym, PRAISE:





Sense of Wonder and Curiosity




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