Register for 2018 / 2019

What do you need to register your child at Calvary Baptist Kindergarten?​​

Documents Required

  1. Registration Form (click to download)

  2. Parents' Identity Cards (photocopied and original)

  3. Birth Certificate (photocopied and original)

  4. Child Immunization Record (photocopied and original)

  5. Passport-size photograph of the child

  6. For international students, additional documents will be required:

    1. Photocopied Dependent's Pass and Employment Pass (for child and parent)​

    2. Photocopied Passports (for child and parent)

What are the Fees?

How do I proceed?

Please fill out the Registration Form and email or fax to us.

Alternatively, you can call Calvary Baptist Kindergarten at 62893900 (Mon - Fri, 8am - 3pm) to make an appointment for a visit.

See you soon!



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