How do parents and ex-students feel about Calvary Baptist Kindergarten?

Seeing Ignatius don his Kindergarten graduation robe and mortar board, and walk confidently down the aisle, made me happy that I had not made a wrong choice in sending him to CBK. 

Thanks to CBK teachers for always being available to answer Ignatius‘ inexhaustible questions.  I remembered the time when he was in Nursery and almost every other day he would be questioning the teacher what they would be learning that day.

Mrs Yeoh Meili

Mother of Ignatius, K2 2017



在幼稚园,学习不仅是在我们的课室里,学校也安排了很多的课外学习之旅,我很开心有机会去参观河川生态园看大熊猫 “凯凯” 和 “佳佳”,以及其它少见的海洋生物。还有到圣约翰养老院送食物的情景,至今让我印象深刻,我认识到关怀照顾年长人士是非常重要的。


在学习中,我最喜欢的是烹饪课,我要感谢 Mrs Yuen 让我学会如何煮鸡蛋,以及利用各种各样美味的食材来制作不同的食物。


如果没有老师随时在我身旁的指导和她们的热忱,这种不同的学习方式是不可能做到的。除了烹饪课外,Mrs Yuen 也教导我们数学与科学的知识如:动物的生命周期,课程都很有趣。吴老师教导我如何制作“熊猫凯凯书签”和“纸盘地球”。




Yeoh Peng Yi
Graduating Student, 2016

Thank you speech

I know how challenging it can be to handle young kids, so kudos to the teachers here for managing the kids well. Over the years, we could see that Tyler enjoyed attending school and he often shared with us stories, telling us about his friends or the activities that he did in class. Listening to such stories always warmed our hearts. Tyler has made many friends who are dear to him.

Mrs Seow Mei Teng

Mother of Tyler, K2 2017

Both my kids each attended three years of school here. Other than the initial anxiety that they experienced when they first started, they had enjoyed school thoroughly. Especially on days where there were activities like cookery, outdoor play, painting and even classmates’ birthday celebrations, they would be recalling the day’s events with much excitement.


One thing that I appreciated was the different excursions that the school had organised for the kids.   I’m thankful that my child was able to experience a goat farm, see what the navy does at the navy museum and enjoy a hair styling session at Jean Yip, just to name a few.

Mrs Lim Mei Sze

Mother of Louisa, 2015

I have been a CBK parent for 7 consecutive years. Both my sons, Hugo and Austen, were students of CBK. Both of them have benefited tremendously from their enrolment with CBK.

I think CBK has one of the best facilities among the pre-schools in Singapore. Reasons:

  1. Individual classrooms which allow minimal distraction in class from external noise and happenings in other classes.

  2. Great outdoor playground and airy yard within the building for play so that kids are not “trapped” within 4 walls.

  3. Fully equipped kitchen, located away from the classrooms for student’s safety.

  4. Separate computer rooms and library.

  5. Many other rooms for enrichment classes—such a luxury!

  6. Kids’ washrooms which are newly renovated with non-slip flooring.

  7. 2 halls for activities, and a sanctuary or auditorium for year-end concert.

  8. For the parents, sheltered drop-off/pick-up point for school buses and basement carpark which provides free-parking. Rain or shine, we do not have to worry when ferrying our kids.

  9. Overall, CBK is a safe place for students with the gates and doors secured during lessons.


We thank God for these wonderful facilities. However, all these wonderful facilities would be meaningless without a dedicated team of people working in CBK: principal and teachers with a passion to teach and great love for our children.

I am very grateful that the school has taught students to be compassionate to the needy. The children visited the St John’s home opposite the school many times this year, either to bring donated food to the elderly or to entertain them by performing their concert items. Well done CBK!

Dr Amy Leong

Mother of Hugo Koh, K2 2014 and Austen Koh, K2 2017

A big thank you to all our parents and students!
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