What will my child experience?

A Safe, Consistent, and Welcoming Environment

By creating a safe, consistent, and welcoming environment, Calvary Baptist Kindergarten helps to foster the confidence and curiosity of our students. Each day is enriched with hands-on experiences and group activities, providing ample opportunities for pupils to improve their knowledge-base while developing social skills. ​


CBK has outstanding facilities. These include individual classrooms, separate rooms for enrichment activities, a children’s library, an internal and airy courtyard, a great outdoor playground, children’s washrooms, a hall for music and assembly, a sheltered pick-up point, a free basement car park, a fully equipped kitchen, etc. Overall, CBK provides a safe, conducive and fun environment for children to learn and develop. Click here to find out more about our facilities.


CBK Assembly


Each day begins with Assembly where greetings are exchanged among the children and teachers. This is followed by songs of thanksgiving to God, Bible stories and memory verses.


The teachers take turns to share on the latest happenings around the world or in Singapore to stimulate interest in current affairs.


In the moral education segment, children’s learning and holistic development are supported and promoted through role plays, rhymes, songs, stories and more.

CBK Language and Litercy

Language and Literacy

The Letterland phonics programme is conducted weekly to help your child to build and achieve foundation skills in reading through decoding and accuracy and pronunciation.

We stress on the importance of early reading. Reading programme (for Nursery to K2 only) in English and Chinese will be carried out weekly. Upon completion of one book, your child will bring home the book. You are encouraged to reinforce the key words from the books together with your child.


The teachers read to the children each day in our A-Story-A-Day programme.


Each Wednesday the children will visit our Library.  They are allowed to borrow two books and return them the following Monday. 

CBK Intractive Lessons

Lesson Time

Depending on the themes, the teachers will be sharing information on Science, History, Geography and Social Science.  The teaching will be conducted both in English and Chinese.  The lessons will lead the children to their various Learning Centres for reinforcement. From large group to small group activities, the children are also given the opportunities to develop their social and emotional skills.

Computer Lessons

We provide computer-aided education for all our K1 and K2 pupils to enhance learning and to familiarise children with computer vocabulary, basic keyboard skills and eye-hand coordination through manipulating the mouse in a controlled environment.

CBK Show and Tell

Show & Tell / Picture Talks

This is conducted in both English and Chinese languages. During these sessions, there will be sharing of information, thoughts and feelings. This helps to develop the child’s listening, understanding, vocabulary and language skills.  He/She will also develop social and emotional skills to empathise with others’ views and opinions. 

General knowledge is also added into the lesson. Children are encouraged to share their experiences with their friends during this time slot.


It is a chance for preschoolers to take a center stage in front of other children. This helps a child to learn and experience public speaking - a skill a child will use throughout his/her life.

Music & Movement

The Music & Movement programme encourages children to develop an appreciation for music, awareness of beats and rhythms through singing of songs, playing of percussion instruments. Children are made aware of attributes such as pace, pitch or loudness as well as singing to tune and melody.  They are also encouraged to make various bodily movements when they are working through the songs. 


Pre-Nursery and Nursery children will have a weekly 50-minute Music Appreciation programme by Northwood.

CBK Learning Centre Activities

Learning Centre Activities

This includes reading, painting, dough play, water/sand play, dressing up, home corner, table games, puzzles, blocks, manipulative toys, etc. The type of material and equipment used are chosen in such a manner to ensure that they are safe for the children and also provide opportunities for independent learning.  These activities cater to the multiple intelligences of children.  Teachers will also provide self-corrective games for the children to work on to enhance the lessons that they are teaching. 

CBK Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play


Outdoor activities are conducted to enhance the child’s development of motor skills, physical fitness, sense of balance and co-ordination, awareness of body parts/movement, spatial awareness, awareness of safety while moving and using equipment. Such activities build up the confidence of the children, develop their social skills of sharing, turn taking and respecting the rights and properties of others as well as promote physical health, language development and stimulate social interaction.


There are also sand play, water play and mobiles/wheels for variety of play and muscular development.

CBK Cookery


Children are offered the opportunity to learn to bake or cook simple dishes at least once or twice a term. Cooking present opportunities to develop their sense of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste as well as their manipulative, mathematics and science skills. 

CBK Art and Craft

Art and Craft Activities

Our art & craft activities nurture the children's creativity through a myriad of media. Our process-oriented art activities include manipulation of paper, scissors, paints, crayons, colour pens and other art and craft tools. Easel-board painting for free-experience is also carried out weekly. All these activities provide the children with a sense of achievement. We are also teaching re-cycling through such activities with the use of recyclable as materials.

CBK Snack Time!


The Kindergarten provides nutritional snacks for children each day. While consuming their snacks, children are encouraged to develop good health habits, language and social skills.  The children are also encouraged to bring a fruit to share among their schoolmates each week.  This is to expose children to a wide variety of fruits and good social skill of sharing. 

Children whose birthday falls on the same day are also allowed to have a simple celebration during this time slot. 

CBK Field Trips!

Field Trips

As part of our integrated learning programme, field trips are organized throughout the year to reinforce learning outside the classrooms.  The large group experience will promote socio-emotional development.  There will be follow-up activities such as Show & Tell, Language Experience Activity conducted after each outing for the Nursery, Kindergarten One and Kindergarten Two children. 

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